The Creatology Award

Creatology Award

Jane Macdonald, Creatologist

For those completing one or two Elements and wishing to qualify for personal or professional development, they will be given an award upon completion.
For those completing the three Elements and wishing to qualify as a Creatologist:
to work in settings that benefit from a creative overseeing a creative culture, processes and practices, or
to support one’s existing role as educators and therapists, activists, entrepreneurs, artists, community developers etc, or
to work as a facilitator of Creatology within The Creatopia Quest, or
to build a creative community and a creative school,
the full award for Creatology will be given.


The Creatology Award

To graduate with the Creatology Award, Creators need to:

  • complete Creatology in one of two ways… either as a 3 day intensive, or weekly over 12 months (with school holidays between terms), and
  • present your learning journey and project at an online Presentation Night.
School of Creatology's Creatology Award sample


Creatologists define what a creatologist is.

Including outcomes.
Provide three sentences and create longer professional development also position descriptions for various sectors
Not for profits
Community organisations

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