How do Creators Overcome Obstacles?

Your creative life is about to be a little bit easier!

Creators use a variety of techniques to handle those moments when we feel we are:

  • overwhelmed,
  • procrastinating,
  • defeated,
  • confused,
  • in disbelief, even
  • hopeless!

This black and white, A4 printable poster

gives 8 ways that Creatives overcome obstacles.

When you remember that you're creative, you'll remember to use your creativity to overcome fear more often, keeping you aligned with your goals and increasingly preventing the traps our fears bring.

After all, we do love to go above and beyond where we're been before!

Print it out, stick it on a wall, and when you need help:

1. decide if the obstacle really is an obstacle,


2. decide which technique might help you overcome it in the most peaceful, effective, and easy way possible.