Creativity is an energy.

It is a power, a force. 

When we are making with Creativity, utilising it, working by it, living in it,

ex-pressing it and directing it

through the lenses

of our gifts, talents, interests, geniuses, passions, values, callings, etc,

the eyes of our soul,

Creativity… creative energy… lights us up.

Women standing in a circle with their hands overlapping with magic coming out of their palms.
Woman singing her heart out on a stage showing how a creative shines.

When feel lit from the inside out,

that’s when you may hear people say,

“Wow, you’re SHiNiNG”!

Have you ever been mesmorised by a musician on a stage having the time of their life, in their element, whose energy you can’t take your eyes off?

Because, that is exactly what’s happening…

our creative power, our creative force, our creative energy

(which most spiritual beliefs view as our light (and / or chakra) body, and some sciences as our electric body and / or the electric + magnetic force fields within the empty space in each atom)

our inner LIGHT… our inner STAR… our inner FIRE… our inner SUN…

is LIT.


When we make things through our gifts, talents, interests, geniuses, passions, and callings, etc,

such as songs, enterprises, movements, podcasts, farms, homes… projects,

the creative process as well as the created form

gives its creator(s) and its living beneficiaries

a brighter energy, a stronger power,

that is rejuvinative, restorative, regenerative.

Creativity increases our creative energy… our light. 

Our process and our projects

give the same or more inner and outer energy

than it took to create it.

Four men with a spring in their step have fun while they set themselves up for band rehearsal.
Women huddle around a table full of farm produce, overlooking two girls playing happily with goats.

Creativity’s purpose is to generate new life and new growth,

so, Creativity’s energy must give more energy than it takes.

Creativity functions through reciprocity, resourcefulness and response-ability.

This means, it cannot not respond with giving back what it has received.

Plus some.

This is how we know a form has manifested with creative energy as opposed to destructive energy.

Creative forms give more than they take.

And it’s this secret about Creativity that 

can tip any unbalanced scale.

Point of View

RANT style! Buckle up!

“I would rather be ashes than dust!

I would rather my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it be stifled by dry-rot.

I would rather be a superb meteor,

every atom of me in magnificent glow,

than a sleepy and permanent planet.

The function of man(kind) is to live, not exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”

Jack London


Humankind’s creative capacity… suppressed.

It blows my mind that we are not using our creativity as much as we possibly can.

We know our creativity generates wellbeing, innovation, solutions, transformation, etc.

There are countless studies on the nature and the power of human creativity.

And yet, despite the MASSIVE call for more creativity,

and despite our social and ecological problems becoming increasingly worse,

and despite ALL of the research showing the benefits of our being creative,

and despite a huge 25% of us having a preference for creativity 

and despite 90% of the planet believing there is a higher power in a Creator,

the human race continues to focus its energies, on the whole, to more destructive ways of being…

taking more than it gives.

Gaslighting itself that it’s doing ‘good’, I see so many of us watch and wait with a sense of powerlessness for the day

this unbalanced Scale of Justice somehow balances itself and make things better.

It is this that ignites the fire in my belly… in my solar star. How about you?


“Mickey Mouse

popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad

20 years ago

on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood

at a time when business fortunes of my brother Ray and myself

were at lowest ebb and

disaster seemed right around the corner.”

Walt Disney

(no date)

Creativity is Prophetic and so are our Creatives.

When we look closely at the creative capabilities humakind have,

creativity shows itself in it’s true light.

onsider these…

intuition, imagination, vision, expression,

And consider these other concepts of creativity…

collaboration, But, unfortunately, this light of ours, this power of ours, can be rather easily dimmed and snuffed out, unless our power is stronger than the force seeking to suppress it.

Creativity consists of all the tools we need to create the better.  eg can we create a better world, a heaven on earth… key is in the word create… eg it involves our capabilities eg intuition, visionary, authentic, and its outcomes include problem solving, transformation, cnahge making etc, so when we ask if we can create something that is bettter than how we live, the answer is ‘yes’ because once we enable our creativity and utilise it, the outcomes embody its elements eg equality, fairness, justice, peace, harmony etc. we have no more excuses but to increase our creativity.

Consider these…

eativity is prophetic. It literally predicts what the future will be like… what our manifestaions will be like. When we are being creative, our process is more creative and outcomes are more creative. Our process and outcomes embody creativity’s nature and power. For eg, if creativity is tranformative, our process is transformative and our outcomes are tranformative. Creativity’s fundamental principle is to give, not take, and its fundemental purpose is to generate new life and new growth. It does this through three functions of resourcelfullness, responsability, and reciproticy. So, when we use less creativity, our manifestions take more resources from something than it gives; it’s less reciprical. When we use more of our creativity, it manifests more responsability, resourcefullness, and reciprotcity… as balanced scales of justice… of more personal and impersonal, inner and outer, social and ecological balance. Our creativity has, embedded within it, the potential to fulfill the world’s need for taking. The prophesy of creativity lies in its nature. The more we expand its nature, its capabilities and practices, the more powerful it becomes. The more we are intuitive, visionary, authentic, self-determined, the more our process and therefore our outcomes are intuitinve, visionary,authentic, and self-determined.  The more we use its nature and power to create, the more our creations embody its nature and power. Creativity is transcendental. We can evaluate the creativity within any endeavour now, and see what level of new life and new growth it will generate in the future. We can determine how much the endeavour’s taking and giving is balanced or unbalanced. We can foresee the outcome and decide if we accept that for our children’s future. Creativity is prophetic.


“I can’t give you any advice but this: to go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.

At its source, you will find the answer to the question of whether you must create.

Accept that answer, just as it is given to you, without trying to interpret it.

Perhaps you will discover that you are called to be a creator.

Then, take that destiny upon yourself, and bear it, its burden, and its greatness.”

Rainer Maria Rilke


Rainer Maria Rilke


Crossroads… creativity is a choice and creativity gives x1000 choices

here is another way, two paths, one of our following, participation and consequences of increasing destruction the known way, what we’ve alwyas done, or the other of our leading, participation and increasing creativity and its consequences unknown way of doing what we’ve not yet fully done especially as a grassroots movement. Our creative capabilities and practices can be brought to life in all sorts of things including projects, communities, and ways of living. If creativity is a gift of love, we can give our creativity to anything. We can increase our creativity… increase our creative natures and power, increase our creative knoweldge, creative capacities, creative practices… be more creative. When we do, we increasingly feel ignited, lit up, and we let our light flow and SHiNE. What direction are we taking? If creativity can be directed, if direction is a creative capability, can we direct our creativity in a new direction?

being creative is a choice and given only 25% of us have a preference for being these things, it means for the rest of us, they need to choose to be more creative. Creativity is dependent upon free-will. It values free will above anything else. This can come accorss as a test, a test to see if we will choose our creativity or not, but without our free  will to use it, creativity itself would be limited in its capacitiy. it needs us to express our intuition, our imagination, our vision of the future, becuase without them, it has nothing to create. Creativity as a power that exists outside of us and regardless of us (eg the creation of life here on this planet would contunie to exist whether humans lived of not), cannot impose itself upon us… it cannot force us to choose to use it. Creativity is a creative is a choice. the factors that made something during its process are what is embodied in the outcome, eg if the intention of taking without reciproticty is used, then the outcome will embody taking without reciproticty leaaving an unbalances justice scale, or if the intention of giving with reciprocity is used, then the outcome will embody giving with reciprocity leaving a balanced justice scale, eg values and all people have the ability to increase their creativity from the creative state they are in. When creaivity is expressed, it creates a more just society and therefore, ecology which we are the custodians of. It’s the grassroots people that are most likely to create change. 25% of society is a lot of people, and this number can grow if more people enable their creativity. They need to be nurtured and empowered. Even though creativity is a choice, it’s also our no-choice choice. we not longer have a choice but to choose to be more creative. Every creative endeavour begins with a question, not knoweldge. By asking a question, we choose creativity every single time.



Only some people are creative.


We are born with untapped potential.

We all have potential, and each of us
must decide what we are interested in, where our strengths lie, how we can develop it further
and achieve that potential.”

Dr Deborah Trevallion & Leticia Nischang Cusanelli


Every person embodies Creativity

every single person (just as every living thing) embodies creativity because we are all created by the creative process. we embody creativity’s nature and power. We ar born creative… born creators. For eg, we are all intuitive, imaginative, resorative, able to solve problems, able to make changes etc. Every single person has gifts, talents, skills, interests, passions and callings that can only be expressed effectivelty and efficiently through creativity. Creativity beings us three gifts when wer are being creative.. enlightement, empowerment, efficiency and effectiveness. Creativity is designed to express our gifts, talents, interests etc. Sme people’s abilities are more developed than others, and some people prefer to use their abilities more that others. It could be that, in this way, many doctrines believe we are made in the image and likeness of the Creator. Creativity is mankind’s most powerful capability.


As children, we are seldom told

we have a place in life that is uniquely ours alone.

When we survey our lives, seeking to fulfill our creativity, we often see we had a dream that went glimmering because we believed, and those around us believed,

that the dream was beyond our reach.

If (only) we had known who we really are.”

Julia Cameron


25% of Australians have a preference for Creativity

Whecreatives already have a preference for creativity, they have a preference for brining their creative nature and power to life and by doing this, bringing creativity’s nature and power to life, They have activated their gifts, interests, passins, callings, talents… creative capabilities. Having a preference for creativity means to havae a preference for being its qualities eg being visionary, being transformative, being collaborative, being reciprocal, being authentic, being expressive, being self-determined, bine imaginative, being intuitive, being inspired, being productive, being problem-solvers, being ideas generators… therefore are our prophets of justice, need to be empowered… need to see what they are capable of and to increase their power. They are always seeking how to shine brighter… how to ascend, to go beyond where thy have been before… their preference often calls them to transcend current conditions. 25% of australian society has a preference for creativity, so as a grass-roots creative movement that works co-creatively to solve our problems and generate change in new life and new growth, the potential power is extraordinary. Creativity is expressed through three functions… responsability, resourcefullness, and reciproticy. a fundtion is something that is designed intendely to result in something. Creatives, those with a preference for creativity, are designed intendedly to act upon their creativity… to perform it. if creativity is our number 1 change-making tool and its indendely designed to be a change-making tool, if creativity is a problem-solving and transformation and manifestion tool, then our creatives are indenely designed to be the change-makers, and their creatiions, change-making. eg, those who identify problems and have ideas for solutions are caled to create those solutions and are indendely designed ot do so


“Support for a creative learning approach comes from a wide variety of centres of interest…

from those concerned with developing independent, self-directed learners

to those concerned about a more humane type of learning.

All of these educational arenas seem to focus on effective preparation for an ever-changing and increasingly complex world.

Scott Isaksen and Sidney Parnes



Education is said to be designed to enable us… it’s said to be a social game-changer. But, within our education systems, if we are not learning about creativity itself, not learning via its process, and therefore not properly or fully developing our creative capabilities, it’s easy to assume our education is designed to disable our creativity. Again, this is a choice that those who created our education continue to make and most of us continue to choose to accept. we and our children must learn about creativity and learn via its process in order to increase our society’s creativity.  Creatives need to learn how they learn, and Creatives will always, from then on, able to create!

most of our 25% haven’t learnt:

what their preference is about,
why they have that preference,
what it has… creativity has… that they have,
what creativity is and how it works
what creativity is capable of
what they are creatively capable of
how to increase their creative capacities, practices and knowledge
how to learn via the creative process
how to undertake such a learning journey

The call for more creativity is loud, not only in many people’s souls but right across society too. Creativity is ranked as the #1 skill set for the future, is the most sought-after skill in most sectors. Given its capacity, its no wonder! is to be the most likely cause of ‘portfolios careers’, is a top priority in educational policy, etc, and is clearly desperately, desperately needed for the sake of our society and the ecology. Collaboration, communication, iidentifiaction of problems, ideas generation, project-based, thinking outside the box, risk-taking, experimentation, soluction-focussed, Creativity is our number 1 change-agent.


co-creativity means we bring our creative selves together with other people with whom we work creatively. Our collective works which tend to be larger in size and impact than if done alone, and therefore the outcomes of the collective works embody creativity eg equality, fairness, justice, peace, harmony, added beauty, etc. Co-creativity is a cultural phenomenon. It forms a culture where creativity is the hightest value, where everyone is expressing their gifts, talkents, skills, interests, passions and calllings and therefore, bringing them to life, allowing them to generate the new life and the new growth they are intendentlty deisned to create. A co-creative culture functions through diversity, where everyone belongs and exists is a safe place of acceptance and value, therefore with no judgement and no contest.


Creatives should have the opportunity to learn about their preference for creativity and increase their capacity for it.

If creativity generates wellbeing and change, if it is transformative, regenerative, and solves problems, and

if our current conditions are worsening,

Creatives need to bring their creativity forward… to be encouraged, supported, and positioned so they can do what they do best… to bring their creativity fully to life so they can generate wellbeing and change.

“To be creative means to be in love with life.

You can be creative only if you love life enough

that you want to enhance its beauty,

you want to bring

a little more

music to it,

a little more

poetry to it,

a little more

dance to it.



Creativity consciousness

It blows my mind that we are not using our creativity as much as we possibly can.


Being creatively conscious is different to being financially conscious, health conscious, materially conscious, scientifically conscious, environmentally conscious, spiritually conscious. The sectors of science, education, politics, religion, economics, industry, have all had their time to solve the problems we face, and even though some have improved or been solved, our problems are, on the whole, worsending, indicating our taking is increasing and our utilisation of creativity is decreasing. We have tried all of these areas and nothing is working individually or collectively. We can, however, be creatively scientific, creatively educational, creatively political, creatively religious, creatively economic, creatively industrial.

then SoC suggests, strongly, that we 

give our creativity a chance.

If the world needs problem-solving, wellbeing, regeneration… transformation… they why not use the nature and power that we embody that is designed to generate these very things?

Can we let it glow and let it show?

What is our creativity capable of creating?

If we learn about creativity and increase our creativity, can we expediate these changes?

If this does, would you, we want to know?

Would we want our children to know



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