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Jane Macdonald, Creatologist

Creativity’s ability to generate (r)evolution is awe-inspiring to me.

I love to learn about it, practice it, and share it.

I’m a Creatologist, which means I spend most of my time researching creativity, integrating and documenting the patterns I find in its phenomenal nature and power.

The main reason I do this is because I want to learn how to help the world to heal its need for taking, and to see increasing social and ecological justice, at the very least, for the sake of our kids… to CREATE a little more heaven on earth.

I’m a red-haired and freckled middle-aged, neuro-divergent nerd and creative… a researcher / educator / artist / designer… a “bohemian forest fairy” and skirt-loving Celt who adores her family and community, and who hermits amongst second-hand furniture that’s rich in story in a hand-made church-like home in a forest on a mountaintop.

I love seeing people shining from the inside out, working with others to co-create ideas, and I really want to live in an arts-eco village with nature-loving creatives… (r)evolutionaries.

My qualifications include:

  • Master of Sustainability and Social Change (inquiry: creativity)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (curriculum development)
  • Graduate Diploma of Integrative and Transformative Studies
  • Graduate Diploma of Education (vision impairment)
  • Graduate Certificate of Integrative and Transformative Studies
  • Diploma of Professional Photography
  • Diploma of Primary Teaching (creative arts)
  • Certificate IV Small Business Management.

My professional experience includes:

  • ongoing research into the nature and power of creativity
  • foundation of the School of Creatology
  • creation of the Creatology Curriculum ‘SHiNE’
  • foundation of a creative primary school
  • foundation of a not-for-profit company
  • foundation of creative preschool and home-school programs
  • co-creation of a specialist primary school
  • a photographic business
  • 15 years education and educational consultancy for the blind and vision impaired

My two main professional goals are:

  1. for Creatology to be incorporated into mainstream school curricula for our Year 9 and 10 teens (15 and 16 year olds) within 5 years,
  2. to build more creative primary and secondary schools world-wide.

My dream goal is:

  1. to design and create a physical Creatopia Village (arts-eco style) where people from school groups to organisations can experience, learn about and increase their creative power and natures.

A little about me as a self-doubting young adult

I daydreamed, a lot!

I was told that I am, “airy-fairy, unrealistic, idealistic, naive, inexperienced, too esoteric, wear rose-coloured glasses, and

live in the clouds of la-la land”.

I love Lala Land. 

The last time someone said to me, “You know what your problem is? You’re a dreamer. I’m a realist” was in 2008.

I had not stood up for myself until this day. I was a very socially-anxious wall-flower.

Anyway, I told him I believed realists are ignorant.

I’m not sure I meant that exactly, but I needed a quick way of saying that maybe some realists ignored an aspect of life that holds a great deal of value.

Rather than feeling the shame that I think these comments were designed to create,

I was proud to be these things!

We need more dreamers in the world. Just ask John Lennon.

My daydreaming time was musically-inspired contemplative time, Zen time, zone-out time, ‘not-thinking-about-someone-else’s-thinking-other-than-my-own-thinking’ time.

It was space to imagine and temporarily return to the virtual world that felt much more like home…

of village, of tribe, of music around the fire pit, hand-built houses and hand-made jewellery, dancing, playing games, forest pathways, no money, wilderness around us, and a love that seemed to transcend our society’s expression of it.

Internally, lots of rebellion was going on.

I was suffocating with unexpressed argument, self-consciousness, and self-doubt, and was always socially shying away.

I wanted to change society for the better… that was all I could think about.

Not understanding myself and my place, I searched in book shops for the book that would give me answers to my questions (when bookstores were sacred zones back in the 80’s and 90’s)…

who am I, why do I feel like I don’t belong, did I take a wrong turn somewhere and accidently end up on Earth and how can I avoid coming back, what use am I, why are there issues like poverty and extinctions, why don’t people create something better?

Rows of religious texts, art books, and self-help books never had that one book I was looking for.

During my fabulous 40’s, I decided to re-write my life and took a leap into a Masters of Social Change.

Being an action-research Masters, I chose to pursue my question about the role creativity plays in ‘creating a better world’.

And 50,000 words later, I’m writing the book I was looking for. 

It’s all about creativity, what it is, how it works, what it does, why it does it, and most importantly, how it does it through us.

And I’ve transformed it into a curriculum because I love to develop creative programs and schools, and we dan’t increase our creativity by reading about it.

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