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Helping our Creatives SHiNE as the Stars they are

by mastering their creativity


Creatology, the Subject of Creativity.

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A lion roars on a stage for a creative whose phoenix is rising, inviting creatives to apply for the School of Creatology.

What is the School of Creatology?

SoC is an online, co-creative school specialising in Creatology.

Creatology is the Subject of Creativity.

Creatology helps us master our creativity by:

  • learning about creativity, and
  • increasing our creative capacities
  • while being creative
  • within a co-creative culture.

The School of Creatology offers this unique and brand new subject,

developed by Jane Macdonald, a Creatologist from Melbourne, Australia,

and Founder of SoC,

to Creatives aged 18+

within a co-creative school in an online app

with the goal

of empowering our creative social movement

to substantially increase its ability, efficiency and effectiveness, in fulfilling its purpose-driven creative work.

Creatology isn’t offered anywhere, so welcome to this new, creative quest!

Opening Monday, 1st July, 2024








The mission of the School of Creatology is to


To increase our grassroots, creative power by helping Creatives shine as the stars they are + masterfully lead their creative life.

Read more here.


To create a global, pioneering, online creative school graduating Creatologists, masters of creativity.

Read more here.

The mission of the School of Creatology is to


To increase Creatives’ creative capacities and knowledge about creativity, while being creative in a co-creative culture.

Read more here.

Women standing in a circle with their hands overlapping with magic coming out of their palms.


Creatives should be encouraged and positioned so they can do what they do best… generate wellbeing and change.

Read more here.

The mission of the School of Creatology is to

Social + Eco Impact Theory

What social and ecological change can Creatives create if they increase their creativity?

Read more here.

Why learn about Creativity?

Creativity generates new life and growth…

creativity transforms conditions.

It is our:

  • #1 state of being
  • #1 teacher
  • #1 problem-solving tool
  • #1 beauty-making tool
  • #1 value-adding tool
  • #1 expression tool
  • #1 innovation tool
  • #1 inquiry tool
  • #1 collaboration tool
  • #1 regeneration tool
  • #1 change-making tool
  • #1 manifestation tool
  • #1 wellbeing tool
  • #1 (r)evolution tool,

and for many Creatives, our

  • #1 way of life.

imagining our future

transforming conditions

being self-sufficient and feeling confident

always knowing how to create

designing and fulfilling projects

being resourceful

shining brightly

living a creative life

growing our gifts, interests and passions

increasing our energy

belonging in a co-creative culture

knowing our true selves

expressing ourselves authentically

collaborating and co-creating

taking steps, taking risks

adding value

Who is SoC here for?

Wizard gnome sits on a log holding a sign that says "reach for the stars" while another gnome riding aw comet returns to earth from high in the sky.

SoC is designed to help creatives

who aspire to masterfully SHiNE, 

to follow our unique, original, and authentically own creative way 

using our:

  • gifts
  • talents
  • ideals
  • curiosities
  • ideas
  • points of view
  • callings
  • visions
  • questions
  • genius
  • interests, and
  • passions

in the world,

for our benefit and the benefit of others around us. 

Projects might be:

a business, a movement, a point of view, an exhibition, clothing or jewellery, a house, a film, music, an event, a community, a piece of writing, an art work, a philosophy, a program, self-sufficiency, an alternative way of trading, a policy, furniture, a school, an ecos, a book, a village, a food forest, a new sport, technology, a gift, a story, a resource of somekind…

a change, a solution, a lifestyle, a difference… an idea or ideas we want to, need to, feel called to CREATE.

Our projects can be personal, impersonal, foccused on our inner, or focussed on our outer, so the size of a project and its impact is completely subjective.

For example, Creatology is for:

  • Creatives pursuing careers in the creative sectors and portfolio / project pathways
  • Artists and Creators inspired by self-expression and self-realistion through creative mastery
  • Students seeking to add Creativity as a subject to their studies to enhance their creativity
  • Innovators and inventors with ideas for wellbeing solutions
  • Entrepreneurs or project managers developing innovative, change-making, or wellbeing businesses, organisations, and companies
  • Educators specialising in the arts, or teaching in creative and alternative schools, or in leadership roles
  • Activists focussed on creating social and ecological wellbeing
  • Solution-makers with ideas for change, alternatives, and leaving legacies
  • Educators, parents, and community groups intending to form creative primary and secondary schools
  • Community builders inspired by co-creative cultures.

Why is SoC here for Creatives?

Wizard gnome sits on a log holding a sign that says "reach for the stars" while another gnome riding aw comet returns to earth from high in the sky.

SoC has been created for Creatives because:

1. Creativity’s ability to change conditions is unmatched, but the potential of our Creatives, our ‘prophets of justice in making’, to create change needs encouragement and a skills and knowledge boost.

2. Creativity’s ability to generate new life and growth is increasingly needed, such as joy, fulfillment, empowerment, healing, regeneration, and problem-solving, so our Creatives and their work need more channels.

3. Creatives’ preference for their embodied creativity is a blessing, and their desire to bring this goodness of creativity to life needs pathways that are self-directed to ensure their unique creativeness is fulfilled.

4. Creatives longing for collaboration and co-creation, whether out in the world or while hermiting and co-creating with their creator, need safe space so they can go above and beyond where they could on their own.

5. Our society and our ecology needs our Creatives’ gifts, talents, ideas… their creative capacities… MORE THAN EVER. 

A heart with a thriving forest inside it sits within a gold frame and blue background.

Expressed Creativity

Read more here.

An upside down heart with a blackened forest inside it sits within a gold frame and grey background.

Suppressed Creativity

Read more here.

A huge 25% of Aussies have a preference for creativity*…

so 6,750,000 of us seek to express the nature and power of

our most innovative, problem-solving, wellbeing-enhancing, value-adding, regenerative, collaborative, transformative, soul-fully satisfying, and 

sought-after tool humankind has.

But, we have all been educated in 

  • schools that don’t teach the subject of creativity itself

and most of us have been educated in

  • schools that rarely teach via creativity’s process
  • schools that rarely teach the creative process explicitly
  • schools that foster academic cultures over creative cultures, and
  • school systems that are now found to reduce (even “kill”) our creativity.

So, how can it be that we can fully realise our creative potential and continue to grow that potential,

yet alone hand down adequate creative knowledge and skills

to younger generations, who increasingly need it more than we do?

A carpenter gnome scratching his head trying to work out instructions on how to create something.

  While Creatives are under-educated, our creative capacities

  and our children’s creative capacities, and their children’s      creative capacities

  …our ability to increase wellbeing and transform conditions

  will remain under-developed,

  which is extremely bad timing given the current state of our    social and ecological conditions.    

What is Creatology?

Creatology is the Subject of Creativity.

Wizard gnome sits on a log holding a sign that says "reach for the stars" while another gnome riding aw comet returns to earth from high in the sky.

“SHiNE; Creatology, the Subject of the nature and power of Creativity”.

Creatology focuses upon

the nature and power of creativity itself, and

the nature and power of creativity within us… our own creativity, 

increasing our:

  • creative power,
  • creative natures, such as our creative capabilities and creative practices, and
  • creativity knowledge, such as what it is, what it does, how it does it,

so we can bring our inspired ideas

for new life and new growth into being…


The word ‘Creatology’ = ‘create’ + ‘ology’.

‘Create’ or ‘Creativity’


  • the power (energy)
  • and nature (capabilities, practices, knowledge)
  • of creators (nature, human, spirit)
  • to bring (process, generate, manifest)
  • ideas (concept of a thing)
  • into being (new life, new growth).



a field of knowledge or an academic discipline such as a

  • study,
  • science, and
  • subject.
An art easel has a painting standing on it giving the definition of Creatology, the subject of Creativity by the School of Creatology.
Creativity as a subject in its own right.

Just as the subject of Biology is the subject of life and living organisms, and Philosophy is the subject of living principles, Creatology is the subject of the nature and power of creativity.

Creativity as a subject in its own right isn’t studied in schools, certainly not here in Australia, but creativity as thinking including design thinking and innovation processes are able to be studied as units in universities. However, most of us don’t undertake these studies.

Limiting our understanding of creativity as thinking or as a process limits our ability to fully develop all of our creative capacities, creative practices, and creative knowledge, therefore limiting what, how, and how well we create. It also excludes the spirit and soul factors… the higher self… the force behind our creativity.

Difference between Art and Creativity.

The subject of Art explores and increases our knowledge and skills of human expression through the making of art forms.

The subject of Creatology explores and increases our knowledge and skills of creativity, including expression,

as the force (the power and nature) behind the making of art forms, as well as omniforms (any forms), and trans-form-ation (changing of forms).

How does SoC work?

Light globe of three concentric circles showing Creatology in the middle surrounded by Creative Education held by Creatopia, sit on a stem of other light bulbs.

School of Creatology’s Realms

SoC is made up of three integrated realms

that hold Creatives, so we can dive deeply into Creativity itself while our creativity and co-creativity emerges and develops.

1. The Creatopia Village… creativity can only be increased when the environment supports it, so Creatopia is a village-style, co-creative community of Creatives promising to be rich in networking, collaboration, support, and project and enterprise development.

2. The Creative Education Method… learning about creativity can only be achieved by being creative, through the creative process. So, we integrate what we are learning in the Creatology Curriculum into our projects, and build upon our creative capacities in live, practical, fortnightly Integration Sessions and Enterprise Eggs.

3. The Creatology Curriculum… we explore and uncover creativity’s nature and power, and our personal creative natures and power, in classes following the Creatology Curriculum. Creatology is divided into three streams, each including a theme and 3 elements, totalling 12 classes.

Creatology Award by the School of Creatology

The Creatology Award

To graduate with the optional Creatology Award, Creatives need to:

  • submit the Satisfaction of Life Scale
  • complete Creatology’s 12 classes, either live or recorded
  • demostrate integration of class’s concepts in reflections posted on your school’s social profile
  • develop and fulfill a project while keeping a school’s project log,

and upon completion,

  • submit an updated Satisfaction of Life Scale and an evaluation of your Creatology learning experience, and
  • present your project and a self-reflection at an online Presentation Night in a Graduation Ceremony.

What is in Creatology?

The Creatology Curriculum

explores creativity’s concepts in 3 streams:

Stream 1. The State of Being Creative

Uncovering Creative Energy made up of creativity’s nature and power and its nature and power within us, including what it is, what it does, how it does it, what it gives, and what is at its heart.

Stream 2. The Way of Creativity

Experiencing how we live and learn through creativity and our creative process, as we develop our process alongside our creative capabilites and practices, and see our creative outcomes reach new heights.

Stream 3. The Co-Creative Culture

Discovering the concepts of a co-creative culture, the roles creativty and co-creative practices play, how groups go beyond where they have been before, and a group’s power to create change.

Stream 1

State of Being Creative

This first stream focuses upon the nature and power of creativity and its nature and power in us.


State of Being has three elements.

Each element is explored to discover the nature and power of creativity and our own creative natures and power.


The Heart of Creativity, diving deep into the roles love and light play while we are being creative, and in the outcomes of our creativity.


With the love we have in mind, we then explore these three elements:

  • the Purpose of Creativity (what it is and what it does)
  • the Functions of Creativity (how it does it), and
  • the Gifts of Creativity (what it gives us when we use it).
Stream 2

The Way of Creativity

This middle stream focuses upon creativity’s journey as we create and energise our capabilites.


The Way of Creativity has three elements.

Each element is explored to develop our creative capabilities.


Creativity as a Living and Learning Journey.

We uncover ways creativity is a natural teacher and how we are able to learn and develop by it

while recognising our use of its process as a way to live our lives, such as in our projects, businesses, communities, homes, relationships.


With our living journeys in mind, we explore these three elements:

  • the Originality of Creativity (the question of origin-ality of creativity itself and within us and our works)
  • the Mastery of Creativity (our creative process, capabilities, practices, and thinking), and
  • the Paradoxes of Creativity (what we find conflicting while being creative).
Stream 3

The Co-Creative Culture

This last stream focuses upon co-creative cultures while Creatopia gives practice of being in one.


Co-Creative Culture has three elements.

Each element is explored in relation to being in a collective… such as what it is to co-create, how we co-create, and what could be co-created.


The Liberty of Creativity… creativity as a source, experience, and manifestation of freedom, and freedom as a manifestation of creativity.


With liberty in mind, we explore these three elements:

  • the Co of Creativity (gifts of diversity in unity)
  • the Transcendency of Creativity (a group going beyond), and
  • the Transformation of Creativity (a group forming change).

2nd semester, 2024

Creatology’s 3 streams are held over 24 weeks.

The 3 streams each consist of:

  • 1 x theme class, and
  • 3 x elements classes.

12 Creatology Classes

3 streams with 4 classes in each = 12 Creatology Classes

held once a fortnight live inside the online school

with slightly changing times.

Live and Recorded

  • Classes,
  • Integration Sessions,
  • Enterprise Eggs,
  • PoP-Up Topics, and The Pew

are recorded and kept in the library for self-direction.

A chalkboard with the words 'timetable' written on it, on a gold wall behind a green leadlight lamp.

Click here for the

Timetable for Semester 2, 2024

Missed classes?

Enrol anytime to self-direct and self-pace

with recordings of classes in the Library.

What is the Culture like?

The Creatopia Village

is SoC’s co-creative community.

It’s inside Creatopia that we learn about Creatology so together, we master our creativity through practice.

The reason for a co-creative culture is because most Creatives won’t fully show our creative selves when we sense there may be a negative consequence for our creativity.

For example, in a culture where mistakes, questioning, messiness, retreating, daydreaming, idealising, and even awesome ideas are disciplined, misunderstood, or devalued, Creatives tend to hold our unique and valuable natures and skills back.

In order for Creatives to bring out our gifts, talents, ideas, interests, and passions to develop our creative characteristics and capabilities, we need to be in environments that value and understand creativity.

SoC’s co-creative culture is built upon three foundations:

  • diversity rather than uniformity,
  • giving rather than taking, and
  • coopetition rather than competition.

Community of global Creatives

Feeling like home, challenging self-expression, creating connections and friendships, networking, finding creatives nearby, messaging, communing.

Sharing our creativity safely

Using SoC’s social profiles, linking to external profiles and projects and businesses, posting creative projects and experiences and epiphanies, seeing others, feeling inspired.

Discussing and collaborating

Taking creativity knowledge and practice to new heights by chatting, discussing, and brainstorming creativity concepts, problems, ideas, projects, tools, wins.

Following our star and other lights

Such as our passions, ideas, talents, interests, callings, dreams, genuises, and their individuality, creating from and with them, and finding a place for them.

Designing + developing projects

Developing new or current or long-lingering projects, promoting and supporting, collaborating on your project and others’ projects, and finding new projects.

Project logs

Setting intentions for and sharing visions of projects, tracking and monitoring project progress with a SoC project log, receiving feedback and support during its progression.

Star Creators sharing experiences

Learning more about creativity from experienced Creatives in diverse sectors… “The Pew” interview panels of 3 creatives, monthly, building connections with them.

Practical help

Applying what we’re learning and receiving practical help in live fortnightly Integration Sessions, and receiving enterprise support in live fortnightly Enterprise Egg sessions.

Library of resources, tools, classes

Supporting our growing creativity with deeper-dive articles, research reports, tools and videos, and all classes, PoP-Ups, Enterprise Eggs, Integration Sessions, and The Pew.

Choosing our own way

Paying as we go and opting in and out anytime, and the option of self-directing classes by picking and choosing from live or recorded classes and sessions.

Access SoC in an app

Accessing the school 24/7 on phones or tablets on the Mighty Networks app, or using the school’s Mighty Network URL on desktops or laptops.

Whole-school meetings

Participating optionally in whole-school democratic meetings, raising and reviewing issues and problems in SoC, and creating ideas and solutions.

How is Creatology learnt?

The Creative Education Methodology

We expand our knowledge about creativity and our own creativity, and increase our creative capabillities, through the creative process.

The method is called Creative Education.

It is an arts-based approach that helps us discover deeper understanding about creativity while increasing our creative skills… through project-based practice.


  • draw out what we already know about creativity
  • build upon that knoweldge
  • practice what we are learning through our personal or collab creative projects to
  • uncover even deeper understanding, while
  • building our creative capacities.

The Process

The process is an intuitive, fortnightly, step-by-step cycle.

1. Creating a social profile… introducing ourselves, and linking to external profiles and projects if we choose.

2. Participating in the Creatology Class… live or recorded, where we will draw out our existing knowledge about the concept of creativity and then through these discussions, explicit teaching, and short in-the-moment creative experiences, add to our knowledge; and noting our individual understanding in our “By the Book, Book” that is our personal guide into our creativity.

3. Integrating what we learnt… into our creative projects, putting the creativity concept learnt in the Creatology class into practice.

4. Opting in to an Integration Session, Enterprise Egg, a PoP-Up Topic, or The Pew interview panel… or all (or none), diving deeper into the creativity concepts in practice.

5. Posting about the experience… contemplations, reflections, epiphanies, paradoxes, new knowledge, wins, etc in our SoC profile, using words, photos, videos, music, whatever we wish, and seeing others’ in their feeds.

6. Updating our SoC project log… for the week so it’s ready to go to new heights with the next Creatology Class.


Social Profile
Support Sessions
Project Log

Using a social profile within our online school.

Participating in live and recorded creativity concept classes.

Integrating what we are learning in projects

Posting about how concepts impact your creativity.

Receiving practical help in the live support sessions

Keeping a project progress-log to progress projects and receive feedback.

Integration Sessions

are fortnightly live sessions to reflect upon our practice of the creativity concept explored in the class, and focus upon:

  • our quest(s),
  • our creative process,
  • our project development,
  • our creative energies, capabilities, and practices, and
  • our self-evaluation tools.

Enterprise Eggs

are fortnightly live sessions to support our creatives who are developing projects as enterprises, and focus upon:

  • our goals
  • our plan
  • our strategies
  • our resources
  • our tech stack, and
  • our marketing.

PoP-Up Topics

are shorter classes, live, blogged, vlogged, recorded, to dive into concepts not in Creatology. Random in topic, timing, length,+ format, they can be:

  • insipired by the needs of our Creatives
  • inspired by world events, or
  • insipired by well-known Creatives.

Where is SoC?

SoC is an online school, hosted on the legendary Mighty Networks platform.

The app can be downloaded to our phones and tablets, and we can sign in on a desktop and laptop.

MNs offers a range of facilities for our co-creative school including:

  • social profiles and links to our external profiles and projects
  • seeing who is in our area
  • posts, feeds, and private messaging
  • topics and chat threads
  • project progress-logs
  • project collaboration spaces
  • whole-school meeting room
  • live classroom
  • interview studio
  • media library, and
  • space to celebrate graduation at the Creatology Award presentations.

We have a Community Agreement to agree to and abide by. 

How do Creatives join SoC?

Step 1

Join in on socials.

Firstly, see if we'll vibe together and if you'll benefit from SoC.

Step 2

Read our newsletter.

Secondly, see if you like how we dive deeper into creativity.

Step 3

Apply to enrol in SoC.

Lastly, complete the application form to enrol in one or all classes!


$yr participation
/ in your feed or find us
  • Learn a little about the fortnight's creativity concept
  • Participate in creative experiences
  • Understand your creative self better
  • Learn more about the value creativity brings


$yr email address
/ one most fortnights
  • Dive a little deeper into the fortnight's creativity concept
  • Receive a summary of the best social posts to save scrolling
  • Learn a little about Creatives' natures and power
  • Feel inspired by projects

The online School

/ month, 2024 semester 2 only
  • The full Creatology Curriculum in Creatopia
  • 12 classes over 24 weeks in the 6 months of semester 2, 2024
  • or begin anytime during the semester to self-direct your learning
  • One live Creatology class / fortnight, or recorded
  • Create your 'By the Book' Book of your own creative guidance
  • Create a project... an old, new, collab, dream one
  • Opt-in Integration Session / fortnight
  • Opt-in Enterprise Egg / fortnight
  • Opt-in PoP-Up Topic classes
  • Optional viewing of or participation in "The Pew" panel
BETA 2024


  • Learn a little about the fortnight's creativity concept
  • Participate in creative experiences
  • Understand your creative self better
  • Learn more about the value creativity brings
$yr participation
/ in your feed or find us


  • Dive a little deeper into the fortnight's creativity concept
  • Receive a summary of the best social posts to save scrolling
  • Learn a little about Creatives' natures and power
  • Feel inspired by projects
$yr email address
/ we come to you

The online School

  • The full Creatology Curriculum in Creatopia
  • 12 classes over 24 weeks, semester 2, 2024
  • Or begin anytime during the year to self-direct your learning
  • One live Creatology class / fortnight, or recorded
  • Create your 'By the Book' Book of your own creative guidance
  • Create a project... an old, new, collab, or dream one
  • Opt-in Integration Session / fortnight
  • Opt-in Enterprise Eggs / fortnight
  • Opt-in PoP-Up Topic classes
  • Optional viewing of or participation in 'The Pew' panels
/ each month, 2024 only
BETA 2024

Newsletter and a Freebie

Sign up here for the fortnightly Newsletter alone, if the poster isn’t your jam.

PoP-Up Topics

There are so many topics within Creativity to explore, we don’t make all of them a priority in Creatology classes. 

So, they are explored in PoP-Up Topics instead. PoP-Ups is a b(v)log-style free library held both here in this site and within the school, of articles, videos, interviews, short classes, challenges, and discussions on these out-of-the Creatology box’s topics.

Can I create my idea?

What questions do creatives ask themselves?
What do they understand that others may not?
What is the ultimate key to their questions?


“I can’t give you any advice but this: to go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.

At its source, you will find the answer to the question of whether you must create.

Accept that answer, just as it is given to you, without trying to interpret it.

Perhaps you will discover that you are called to be a creator.

Then, take that destiny upon yourself, and bear it, its burden, and its greatness.”

Rainer Maria Rilke


SoC acknowledges the Wurundjeri of the Kulin nation, the Traditional Owners of the mountain Country this school is created on, and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters, and communities. SoC pays respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and to Elders past and present.

SoC pays respect to our Creatives across the globe and their great works that bring beauty, knowledge, and solutions to all of us and our world. Nothing created by SoC is generated with AI. Everything… every word, sentiment, image… is created by SoC or a Creator paid for their energy. Nothing is taken.

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