What good is a Creatology qualification? How will it help me?

The Creatology Award is a brand new qualification that has been developed with 2 things in mind...

1. The demand for people with creative skills and knowledge is ENORMOUS.

All sorts of sectors are screaming out for increased creativity...

educational, ecological, theraputic, spiritual, scientific, economic, technological, political,

and the only way they can become more creative is to have the staff on board who whose creative and co-creative skills are masterful AND who understand what creativity and co-creativity are.

Add the Award to your CV/resume... hopefully it will help you gain roles that are more suited to you.

2. Because of this demand, Creatives, most of whom have not learnt about creativity itself, need to be elevated.

All Creatives should be offered the opportunity to get to know their preference for creativity and learn how it is they create so they will always know what it takes.

Most Creatives have not had, and will not find, the opportunity to study creativity itself unless they find a University degree with a comparable unit such as innovation, or critical thinking... but even then, creativity itself, including what it is, what it does, how it does it, creative capabilties, creative practices etc, are yet to be covered in these units.

Hang the Award on your wall... it can remind you that you created from your inner something in your outer that is goooood, and that you have the power to do it again, and again, and again.

When can I join SoC?

You are welcome to join SOC at the beginning of a semester, or anytime during a semester!

The benefit of being with us at the beginning of a semster is that you can join in classes live from the start of Creatology, if they work for your timezone (SoC is in Australia). The times vary slightly so everyone can join in live classes as often as possible.

But, the benefit of joining during a semester is that you can choose when, and in what order, you take the classes, and you can still join in the upcoming live sessions too.

How do I join SoC?

To apply for Creatology,

please click here to complete the Enrolment Application form.

Once received by SoC, Jane will write to you within a day or two to let you know the outcome.

If it’s a, “Yes!”, the email will include step-by-step instructions on accessing Mighty Networks and how to complete your social profile and say “Hi”.

What kind of project would I have to do?

There is no particular type of project you have to create.

There is only one thing to be mindful of really... that your project brings one or several of your gifts, interests, callings, passions, ideas, etc, to life.

It might be something you've already worked on and want to take to the next level, or something you've been sitting with for a while, or something that emerges as you get creative with no real vision of it in the beginning.

It might be:

a business, a movement, a point of view, an exhibition, clothing or jewellery, a house, a film, music, an event, a community, a piece of writing, an art work, a philosophy, a program, self-sufficiency, an alternative way of trading, a policy, furniture, a school, an ecos, a book, a village, a food forest, a new sport, technology, a gift, a story, a resource of somekind...

a change, a solution, a lifestyle, a difference... an idea or ideas you want to, need to, feel called to CREATE.

In project-based programs, students can feel intimidated by the thought that their project has to be massively world-changing.

This is something to be careful of... sometimes comparison leads to suppressed creativity, which we don't want!

Our projects can be personal, impersonal, foccused on our inner, or focussed on our outer, so the size of a project and its impact is completely subjective.

Your project could be simply YOU! Your dreams, your identity, your capabilities... your self-realisation.

I live outside Australia... how to I join in live sessions?

Even though Australia is very down-under, the live classes and sessions are held at varying times so that people who work, who study, who have children, or who live in other parts of the world, have close to equal opportunity to participate in lives as often as possible.

Every live is recorded and available in the media library for those who miss them.

Does SoC give refunds?


SoC is a creative school, so part of its nature is to encourage Creatives to develop skills in self-direction.

So, rather than paying for a whole program upfront, SoC offers pay-as-you-go monthly fees so you can optin and optout anytime.

This way, you can try Creatology for a month, or do a number of classes over a few months, but then if you choose it's not for you or priorities in your life change, you've got the flexibility to come and go as you wish.

More information is in SoC's Enrolment Policy.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

There are 3 ways to solve any complaints you have...

1. message Jane within the school about needing a chat, or

2. write Jane an email about your compaint and to arrange a chat, and

3. raise your complaint in a live, whole-school meeting, so that others can hear what's happening for you and we can all get behind you to solve the problem.

How long does it take to do the full Creatology program?

The full Creatology program consists of 12, 2-3 hour classes held once every 2 weeks in a semester.

So, it takes 6 months in total to complete the classes and be well underway with your project.

Upon graduating at the end of the semester (or whenever you feel your project is ready), you will present your learning journey and your project at a Presentation Celebration within the school online.

If you choose to take longer than a semester, you are more than welcome.

After your first 6 months, membership in Creatopia goes down to AUS$20 a month so you can have more time, attend more lives and classes, and keep you networks and project progress-logs alive.

More info is in SoC's Enrolment Policy.

I've joined the BETA round in semester 2 this year, but I may not finish by the end of the semester. What do I do, and will I have to pay $120 a month next year to finish it?

It's okay by SoC if you don't finish Creatology in one semester.

And no, you won't have to pay the full monthly fee after your semester is finished.

If you would like to stay on to complete Creatology, the fee is AUS$20 per month until you're ready to fly.

More info is in SoC's Enrolment Policy.

After I've finished Creatology, can I stay in Creatopia?


Creatopia will always be offering PoP-Up Topics, additional classes, Enterprise Eggs, and The Pew interview panels,

so if you'd like to continue learning and growing and building your profile, creative networks, collabs, and projects etc, and even offer your projects to those within Creatopia to benefit from (it is a village after all), you are more than welcome to stay on after you graduate.

The cost will be only AUS$20 per month for a lifetime.

If you end up teaching Creatology within SoC, Creatopia will be free!

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