Expressed Creativity

If creativity is our #1 …

  • generator of new life and new growth
  • teacher
  • problem-solving tool
  • beauty-making tool
  • value-adding tool
  • expression tool
  • innovation tool
  • inquiry tool
  • collaboration tool
  • regeneration tool
  • change-making tool
  • manifestation tool
  • wellbeing tool
  • (r)evolution process

and for many of us, our #1

  • way of life…
1+1=love, two things together make something new

What capacity does our creativity have?

What is it capable of doing?

imagining our future

transforming conditions

being self-sufficient and feeling confident

always knowing how to create

designing and fulfilling projects

being resourceful

shining brightly

living a creative life

growing our gifts, interests and passions

increasing our energy

belonging in a co-creative culture

knowing our true selves

expressing yourself authentically

collaborating and co-creating

taking steps, taking risks

adding value

When our creativity is individually expressed...

express: to press out / push out

We increase our:

  • gifts, talents, interests, and passions
  • creative capabilities including intention, vision, inspiration, originality, intuition, authenticity, brilliance, voice, representation
  • self-based creative practices including self-motivation, self-direction, self-governance
  • resourcefulness such as time, energy, relationships, and materials
  • efficiency and effectiveness (of our creative process, projects and outcomes)
  • mental health and wellbeing
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We also increase our:

  • risk taking and experimenting with ideas
  • reciprocal relationships with source, muses, and communities
  • enlightenment (knowledge about ourselves and the world)
  • empowerment (increasing energy and the ability to direct it)
  • questioning and undertaking of quests
  • choices, control, and transformation of conditions
  • obstacle leaping including self-doubt
  • co-based creative practices including co-motivation, co-direction, co-governance
  • rising above, going beyond where we’ve been before
  • effecting change… transformation… within ourselves and the world around us

– the list really does go on and on!

When our creativity is collectively expressed...

express: to press out / push out

We increase our:

  • social purpose, freedom and achievement
  • sharing of resources, more resources available using less resources
  • efficient and effective change-making
  • communication and collaboration
  • cultural expression
  • responsibility; increased ability to respond
  • ability to identify problems, generate ideas, experiment, and problem solve
  • regeneration of the world
  • social sense of purpose and intention
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We also increase our:

  • communal wellbeing
  • giving and servicing
  • value-adding
  • responsibility; increased ability to respond
  • ablility to co-regulate
  • community empowerment
  • beneficial outcomes
  • self-sufficiency
  • sense of community, ownership, and unity
  • alignment of livelihoods / activities with self and co
  • sense of cultural authenticity
  • social equality
  • ability to evolve
  • going beyond where we’ve been before

… balancing of the scales of justice.

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