About the

School of Creatology

School of Creatology logo, of a gold and star in the centre of twelve gold stars.


A thing designed intendedly.

To increase our creative, grassroots ability to create social and ecological change by

helping Creatives masterfully following their creative way and leading their creative life

and therefore, SHiNE as the stars they are,

for their benefit and the benefit of others.

SoC takes a stand for Creatives

who aspire to bring their gifts, talents, passions, callings, points of view, visions, ideals, values, and interests to the world because each one is a needed to form a better future. 

Creatives’ desires can vary from living in self-expression and realising their selves and their creative potential, through to social and ecological (r)evolution for our childrens’ sake.


A thing that is seen.

To create a global, pioneering, online creative school graduating Creatologists, masters of Creativity.

To create an effective:

  • subject of creativity (Creatology) for adults aged 18+
  • online co-creative school specialising in Creatology,
  • subject of creativity (Creatology) available in secondary schools for students aged 15-16.
The mission of the School of Creatology is to


A thing sent forth (to realise what’s seen).

To increase Creatives’ creative capacities and knowledge about creativity, while being creative in a co-creative culture.

Most Creatives struggle to light up when bringing their gifts, interests, ideas etc, to the world, because their creative natures and power are under-developed.

SoC’s mission is the development of Creatives’ creative power and natures… their creative and co-creative knowledge, creative energies, creative capabilities, creative practices, and co-creative practices.

The mission of the School of Creatology is to


A body of inquiry and wisdom.

Creatives should have the opportunity to learn about their preference for creativity and increase their capacity for it.

If creativity generates wellbeing and change, if it is transformative, regenerative, and solves problems, and

if our current conditions are worsening,

Creatives need to bring their creativity forward… to be encouraged, supported, and positioned so they can do what they do best… to act upon their creativity so they, just like creativity itself, can generate wellbeing and change.

The mission of the School of Creatology is to

Social and Ecological Impact Theory

A person and people as a source of positive influence.

What social and ecological change can Creatives create if they increase their creative skills and knowledge?

Could the scales of social and ecological justice become increasingly balanced?

If 25% of western society has a preference for creativity,

and creativity’s fundamental purpose is to generate new life and new growth,

could we have the numbers with the creative power to positively impact our ecology and society and fulfill the world’s need for taking?

Is this what our creativity is designed to do?

“The true power of the people is more powerful than the people in power”.

-Wael Ghonim. Inside the Egyptian Revolution. TED2011. Mar. 2011. Conference Presentation.


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