Creatology's Methodology

The most effective way to learn about creativity is by

exploring creativity’s concepts while being creative…

through the creative process.

It’s called Creative Pedagogy or Creative Education, depending upon who you ask. ‘Pedagogy’ refers to the method… the way… a subject is learnt and therefore, taught.

Because environments have been shown to encourage or discourage creativity,

learning about creativity by being creative within a co-creative environment is essential.

SoC refers to this learning and teaching method as Creative Education.

1+1=love, two things together make something new

Creative Education is an umbrella term

for many methods of learning including:

  • arts-based research,
  • project-based learning,
  • inquiry-based learning,
  • action research,
  • participatory research,
  • problem-solving learning,
  • experiential learning,
  • activity (play)-based learning, and
  • practice-led research.

They are all tools that collect qualitative information (information about the qualities of a thing/experience/project/growth etc)

to generate new insights and knowledge about any subject… in our case, creativity.

Each method shares similar principles including:

  • inquiry,
  • drawing out and building upon new knowledge and skills through discussion-based classes
  • integration / practice of new knowledge and skills through a project
  • self-direction, and self-determination,

but the overarching principle

is the use of the creative process to learn and grow by.

Creative Education integrates:

The Person/People... you, me, us… our capabilities, practices, knowledge

The Process… a project’s creative process and its learning methods, eg project-based learning, experiential learning, inquiry-based learning, action research

The Product... the outcome of a creative project; a product or service


The Press (environment)… the internal and external energies that form and fuel our internal and external ecos, such as our creative state of being within ourselves and within the co-creative culture that supports us.

The 4p's of Creativity, by Dr. Mel Rhodes
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