A Love Letter

Love letter to creators

November 15th 2023

Dear Creative

People with a preference for creativity have particular characteristics that set them apart.

One of them is a belief in a light within you. You can feel it ignite, shine brightly when you’re in your element or feeling transcendental, or slowly go out over time.

I’m here to remind you of what you’re capable of, because I’m sure you want to shine brighter and more consistently, and there’s waaaaaay too much research showing that as Creatives, we need to for the sake of our future generations.

So, here goes… this is what I believe I understand about you…


You light is visionary, empathetic, collaborative, imaginative, intuitive, prophetic, authentic, insightful, strong, restorative, adventurous, driven, intentional, inquisitive, tenacious, expressive… you are a bridge between worlds.

You are a questioner… a problem seer, ideas generator, problem solver… a critical thinker, designer, innovator, manifestor, change-maker, value-adder… designed intendedly to bring hope for the future.

You are dedicated to being in service, being in love… full of projects, full of justice…. a rebel, a magician, a sage, a creator.

I believe you love to feel fulfilled, empowered, self-directed, original, edgy, resourceful, connected, knowledgeable, confident, valued, risky, dreamy, informed, skilled, evolutionary, impactful, aligned, satisfied, synchronistic, organised, in flow, transcendental,

free and UNIFIED!

And yet you’re confronted with all sorts of obstacles such as feeling stuck, self-doubt, self-consciousness, comparison, lack of resources like time and money and relationships and energy, unsupportive environments, others taking your ideas or projects, lack of retreat time, being misunderstood or undervalued or bullied, hearing your inner voice but losing its power in words or other art, voices saying to not rock boats or that things can’t be done, fear of judgement and self-expression, outcomes not matching visions, indecision and feeling overwhelmed, glass-ceilings and imposter syndrome, fears of the unknown, lack of faith in your giftedness, skills not feeling good enough, fear of being wrong and making mistakes, distractions, being too grounded or not grounded enough, disorganisation…

omg, doesn’t this list just go on and on???


Your struggle is real (as the saying goes).


Were you ever taught about creativity itself… that nature and power that you have?

If not, there are 1001 ways to learn about creativity.

Ask yourself questions about it and journal the answers; read insightful books and blogs and listen to people talking about it in podcasts; listen to music and reflect on the lyrics; collect graphics published online into a collection of thoughts about creativity.


the School of Creatology is here to help you too.

It can help you be the visionary you are and shine your good light into the world by helping you learn about the nature and power of creativity, as well as the nature and power of creativity within you.


Put it this way.. once we learn how we create, we always know how we create.


You are a living, breathing embodiment of our #1 problem-solving tool, our #1 transformative tool, and #1 wellbeing tool

and you deserve to (and we need you to) create wildly, enjoy yourself,

and shine as brightly as you can!


With love, Jane Mac xxx

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